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I thought the presentation was awesome. Arthur taught me to really think about what I want  to get out of Year 12, and what to make with the rest of my life.

Amazing presentation. It mixed motivation, inspiration and humour together. He could easily relate to us and seems like someone I could easily talk to about everything that’s troubling me. I’ve learned tips to study better, a greater insight into life in general and how lucky I am to have these opportunities. He’s inspired me to battle through my many problems and empowered me to do my best.

Brilliant speaker. Inspiring life story. Really made me think where I am heading in my life after year 12.

I thought the presentation was really uplifting, refreshing and motivational. Out of all the presentations I’ve been to, Arthur’s had the biggest impact. I learned that to succeed you have to have discipline, you have to WANT do do well and you get our of it what you put into it.

Great! One of the few better speeches I’ve had motivation and VCE wise. Everything he said was worthwhile and valued. It felt good listening to him and even speaking to him afterwards was great. His story was important to show the changes Arthur made in his life without it being a sob story. It was very helpful message, and  inspirational.

I thought it was fantastic. It’s such a great experience to hear a speaker who is saying more than simply “You need to work hard,” and explaining why you should through sharing a true story. He’s also a good speaker: animated, engaging and real.

I don’t like people telling me how important VCE is, but he handled it very well.

Arthur’s presentation forced me to think about and answer questions that were were very important, but that I had never considered before. It was good to ask myself why I’m doing VCE, and to imagine where I will be in 20 years and hear what other class mates envision.

It was extremely fascinating. He has opened my mind up to actually why I’m doing VCE. He has given me a different perspective on life, school, and getting a job.

I learned that you need to balance your life and VCE is a stepping stone to achieve your future. Also that I should try to achieve my best in all areas of life.

An absolute life changing experience. He is so honest that it rubs off on you, and inspires you.

It showed me that, as he said, VCE is not a means to an end it is not the be all and end all but a stepping stone to the rest of your life. I also think that it has taken some pressure and stress off Year 12.

I really appreciate the ‘realness’ and straight to the point way of speaking. The 13 Tips for VCE was fantastic and I’m sure will be incredibly beneficial. I also really enjoyed hearing Arthur’s story, and the incredible journey he has been through. So inspiring and encouraging.

I have learned how important physical, emotional, spiritual and mental strength is for VCE.

Arthur’s authenticity, his character, his words gave a more insightful understanding of the issues. The outlook Arthur holds on life itself is inspiring and humbling to be a part of and to understand. I enjoyed how he touched every aspect of life in both his story and Powerpoint.

Before the presentation I was scared to do VCE and didn’t want to do it; now I am determined and want to try nothing but my best.

You are an amazing inspiration. I have had to deal with some hard stuff and you have given me guidance and inspiration.

I was inspired to study harder. He gave me valuable studying skills.

The main thing I got out of the talk was the question ‘Why are you doing VCE?’ It made me really think about my priorities and attitude towards VCE and beyond, which I hadn’t done before.

Very powerful presentation. Has a way of capturing the attention of everybody. So many valuable messages, especially his personal story of never giving up and of being successful and ‘rich’ without money.

I found Arthur’s presentation very insightful and inspirational. There is a lot to be learned from his turbulent past that can be applied by those of us who may live more ordinary lives. Seeing how a person with the world at his fingertips made so many mistakes is a bit of a reality check and a reminder that we can all make mistakes regardless of how privileged we are. This presentation I feel will hold me in good stead for VCE and will help me for the rest of my life. Thank you.

Arthur was very inspirational. For him to have failed so many times but never give up and  finish his degree taught me that giving up in not an answer even though the pressure is on you.

I thought it was absolutely fantastic! every word, every movement and the passion of his words made it even more enjoyable. I gained motivation and confidence. I always thought of myself as a bit of a loser, one who dreamed empty thoughts. I may not be as good as my sister, but I now think I can do it.

Arthur’s presentation was a very confronting one, but I loved how open he was about his life and the choices he made. He showed us how life can test you to your limits but in the end you can find peace. I think what I got out of this was the will to challenge myself this year and use every chance that I am given.

I found the presentation extremely interesting. I appreciate the fact that it was so honest about the pressures we are going to face and it is not always going to be a walk in the park. I learnt that VCE is a tough time, not just about the ATAR but personal achievements and following goals. I particularly valued the study tips, on how to achieve an optimal, healthy lifestyle through VCE.

It was very helpful, enriched my view of Year 12. Especially the way he put VCE into perspective and emphasized taking care of ourselves.

He made me want to do the best I can this year.

Arthur very easily related to what issues arise for me and Year 12. Helped to reinforce Year 12 isn’t the be all and end all. His Tips for VCE were very helpful.

The strategies he shared will help me to cope with the pressures of Year 12 and remember why I am competing for VCE.

Informative, and put VCE into perspective for me – what I should be getting out of it. Also the tips on how I can achieve my best this year, such as looking after myself and the four-legged stool was.

I learned that your ATAR doesn’t determine the rest of your life, and that education is a lifelong experience.


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