Parents / Carers


Globalization and economic uncertainty, multiculturalism, multiform families, social media, drug proliferation, domestic and social violence – all have dramatically changed the Australian landscape, making the task of raising children significantly more difficult. But how well equipped are parents for the challenge? If they want to help their child, parents must first make a critical appraisal of their own lives. Then they must strive to better understand young people and their teenager’s world – connectedness being essential. Drawing on experience working with young people and their families, and his relationship with his teenage sons, Arthur will throw some light on these issues.

Topics covered:

Issues affecting young people

  • ‘Who am I?’ – a crisis of identity
  • ‘What do I want?’ – a crisis of purpose
  • ‘Can I achieve it?’ – an uncertain future
  • Peers – the pressure to conform
  • Sex – the pressure against virginity
  • Education – the pressure to compete
  • Parents/adults – the pressure to succeed
  • Materialism – the $ addiction
  • ‘When I was your age…’ – the generation gap
  • The ‘cycle of addiction’ – (Dr Myers) performance/approval/blame/shame
  • Drugs/alcohol-depression-suicide – the modern day scourge
  • Morals and values – what do you stand for?
  • Your child’s role-model/hero – how do you rate?
  • ‘Education of life’ – the bigger picture

Practical ways to support your teenager

  • Learn about young people – their culture, worldview, psychology, etc.
  • Honest communication – more than just talking
  • Availability, consistency, support – being there when they (don’t) need you
  • Discourage competitiveness & focus on their strengths/dreams, not yours
  • Address individual and family problems, and get help when you need it
  • Be their parent-mentor-friend – strive for life-giving relationships
  • Affirm their preciousness and show it
  • The 4-Legged Stool – understand and address their total needs

Timeframe: 60-90 minutes – including question time