Arthur’s philosophy

The prospect of VCE-leaving school-adulthood is daunting for young people. In a radically changed and increasingly complex world, many are not coping:

One in seven 14-17-year-olds experience a mental disorder; suicide is the biggest killer of young Australians (Beyond Blue).

Young people need to know they are precious, not defined by academic marks, and schooling is a stepping-stone along the journey of life – which should be lived well. To succeed, they must realize their inherent worth, embrace life-giving relationships, heroes, values, dreams, and achieve holistic balance.

Having messed up in my youth, and worked extensively with young people, I have an important message which I know how to deliver – as the teachers’ references attest.

If you want to motivate your students to think seriously about where they are in life, and where they should be heading, I can help.

                                                          Arthur Bolkas                                                                                                 MA Criminology – Churchill Fellow 2000